Reber Quick It is our brand for the quick wireless internet

Reber Quick is based on EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) technology, which is an integral method for wireless data transfer.

Reber Ariafon Fixed Wireless Terminal

Reber Ariafon is a wireless terminal using 3G CDMA technology providing high quality voice services and 1X internet service.

Reber Click It is our brand for the “ADSL” internet service

is the trademark of our “ADSL2+” high speed internet service, it requires that subscriber to have active fixed copper telephone line

Reber Sport Wireless mobile phone

Reber Sport is a wireless mobile handset using CDMA technology providing high quality mobile voice services.

Reber Star land-line (fixed-line)

Reber Star covers most of the main cities in Erbil & Dohuk, and provides a very competitive price for on-net, local and international calls with a high voice quality.

Reber Voice Call and send SMS throw internet

Reber Voice is an application that allow you to call and send SMS throw internet, Reber Voice will grant you a unique phone number that your friends and family can call you on, with the lowest Tariffs for local and international calls.

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